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Why is knowing Queer History so Important?

While people may have heard about a few events in Queer history, such as the Stonewall Riots, many significant events and historical figures in the LGBTQ+ rights movement are forgotten and absent from curriculum. Learning this history can not only help everyone understand our diverse world, but be better allies towards marginalized communities. Additionally, it is easier to raise awareness and combat prejudice against LGBTQ+ individuals when the history and past prejudicial actions or language is known. For students, it can make a significant difference in creating a safe and welcoming learning environment. Additionally, queer oral histories are essential in gaining insight from the community itself, written in the communities own words. 



Oral Histories

Click here to learn more about oral histories.




Click here to learn more about our the timeline of LGBTQ+ history!

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Historical Figures

Click here to gain information on LGBTQ+ Historical Figures. 

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The 14-page, full-size, in-color zine includes the collected artwork of local LGBTQ+ identifying artists: poetry, astrology, “queerscopes,” paintings, digital and mixed-media art, and fictional stories are among the offerings to be enjoyed by readers. “The LQ” was created to help unite the queer community, said Kye Hallows, “because we know how large it is and think that it might help others who aren’t familiar with the scene to feel supported and seen.” The art zines, funded by an Ogden Arts Grant, are available for purchase exclusively at Hallows’ record shop, Lavender Vinyl, located on Historic 25th Street.

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