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Young Adult Books

Why are LGBTQIA+ Young Adult Books Important?



Three Book Series: Girls of Paper and Fire, Girls of Storm and Shadow, and Girls of Fate and Fury

Author: Natasha Ngan, James Patterson (foreword)

Genre: Fiction (Sub-genre: Fantasy & Romance)

Trigger Warning: Discussion of SA, torture, death, & trauma (not graphic)

Malaysian, LGBTQIA+, and Lesbian Representation

"Girls of Paper and Fire follows Lei, a queer girl living in a fantasy world inspired by Malaysia, which is ruled by a demon king who takes eight human concubines every year. Lei, a member of the paper caste (the lowest class in Ikhara), is forced to become one of those concubines, a "Paper Girl", against her will."

As Lei resists the violence and injustices enacted by the demon king, she falls in love.

Good Reads Review: ****

Quite Pond Review:


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